Survey of Real Time Task Scheduling Algorithms for Multicore Processors

Author : Akhila.B, Lordwin Cecil Prabaker.M and Brahmaiah Naik.J

We consider a survey on scheduling of real time on multicore processors. In this survey, we observe that the cores are distributed for the incoming task according to their workloads. Depends on the task workload the cores may be splitted into big and small core. The big cores are having more Floating Point and multiply accumulate(FPMAC) units also the small cores having less number of FPMAC units. We can use the big core for complicated tasks and small one for easy tasks. Because of this dividing of cores we can use cores efficiently and the output will be reliable one. The survey outlines fundamental results about multicore processor real-time scheduling that hold independent of the scheduling algorithms employed. The scheduling algorithm such as LTF scheduling, EDF scheduling, Priority scheduling are used according to their algorithm.

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