Sign Language to Text and Speech Converter- A Sensor-based gesture recognition system

Author : Dr. P. Geetha, Dr. N. Vithyalakshmi, K.Khaleel & T.Litheesh

The differently abled mute people cannot converse with the others through the sign language. This paper proposes a device that will help them to overcome their challenges and remove the communication barrier between the mute and the common people. Here, an embedded glove senses the movements through the flex sensors that detect the different patterns of motion of fingers. The embedded glove needs to be worn on the hand by the needy and depending on the variations in the finger movement; the device will convert it into voice and this expressive system can be customized based on the specific individual's requirement. The device can sense each and every movement of the fingers. The change in the resistance of flex sensors leads to the change in voltage levels, which helps to different signs. This paper is useful for specially abled, speech-impaired and paralyzed patients who could not communicate properly.

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