Providing Security for Home Appliances by IoT

Author : Mrs.S.Venkata lakshmi, C.Govardhan

With increasing rate of crime, protecting our loved ones and our belongings has become important. Such situations can be solved by exploiting the latest functionalities that current ability makes it easier to automate the process of security. Automation of security can be achieved by designing an application on Roseberry Pi through various sensors such IR and Gas sensors for detection of any intruder and harmful gases in the house, upon detection an SMS will be sent to the owner of the house through GSM. The loads like lights and fan will be ON. The home automation system differs from other system by allowing the user to operate the system from anywhere around the world through internet connection. In this paper we present a Home Automation system(HAS) using Raspberry PI that employs the integration of cloud networking, wireless communication, security etc., to provide the user with remote control of various lights, fans, and appliances within their home and storing the data in the cloud. The system will automatically change on the basis of sensors’ data. This system is designed to be low cost and expandable allowing a variety of devices to be controlled .It connects all the devices through GPIO pins and is known as the heart of the entire system.

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