Author : V.V.Bhavani, K.Saisri, K.Naveen, M.Lalitha

The Block chain technology is new technology in digital platform for making transactions in decentralized manner.Blockchain is uses from last some year for bitcoin. over the last ten years, the record-keeping technology behind the Bit coin network is blockchain. In blockchain Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. So, for identity card it is noticeable for security. If we implement blockchain technology for digital identity card it is very secure for the user. Identity card has personal information and some important information included. The identity card like Aadhar card, pan card, etc. have lot personal and important information, if we are not using securely then it will use for any illegal work which is harmful. Now these identity cards are stored in file with encryption method which will hacked by hackers. So we propose our system for e-identity card using blockchain technology. In our proposed system we are using blockchain and IPFS server which is immutable server which helps us to system will more secure. Once one transaction will done before the transaction the block will be created which is hash of information like date, time etc. and this block send toblockchain which will maintain all block. For implement the blockchain we will use Ethereum platform. This solution is secure and more trusted than traditional models.

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