MIMO Based Rectangular Micro Strip Antenna for 5th Generation Communication System

Author : R.SambaSiva Nayak Nayeemuddin Mohammad B.Satyanarayana MD.Javeed Ahammed

Now a day’s antennas plays a major role in communications where its demand is getting increased to feed the needs in this paper the basic Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna is designed which is of 8 matrix sizes for 5G devices which are high in range and having higher bandwidth. These antennas are of size occupies 3 x 4 mm2 each which is implanted on top most layer of substrate plate in H-shaped rotated Patch form. Where the total size of substrate we take is of 31.2 x 31.2 x 1.57 mm3, size with dielectric constant of size 2.2. We place total 8 MIMO antennas in substrates top layer and the substrates bottom is a ground plane where this ground plane is of Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) design only for obtaining efficiency and gain enhanced. For avoiding spurious radiation if any we feed out substrate from the bottom layer through vias. These kinds of antennas have resonation at 27 GHZ with bandwidth of 6DB. In the whole band width of antennas attained gain is of more than 7 dB that has a high range 8dB. Similarly the efficiency we obtained in these antennas is about 65% than the highest of 93%. CST microwave design tools are used for these antennas design and the simulation results have given the better performance of the MIMO antennas which makes them suitable of 5G technology.

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