Author : MD.Nayeemuddin, D. VijayaSaradi, P. Sri Padma Priya, V. Sri Harsha, P. Rehaman khan, V. Abhilash

This paper has been developed to design a system that facilitates a user to securely control multiple home appliances using hand gesture. The paper uses the MEMS technology to read hand gesture and provides an analog input signal to the ATmega328P microcontroller. The hand gesture movement thus recorded controls the circuit to turn it on or off. The microcontroller processes the input data from the sensor and makes use of a Relay driver to control the on/off operation of the home appliances. Energy consumption can be reduced by20- 30% with this technology thus optimizing the power consumption in a home automation system. Furthermore, the system is secured with a gesture based password, through MEMS, to ensure security and protection from unauthorized usage.

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