IOT Based Garbage Monitoring With Weight Sensing System

Author : P.Pravallika , P.Sai Pranusha , S.Poojitha Reddy , B.Karunaiah, Y.David Solomon Raju

Keeping the city clean has been always an ongoing task which needs laborious efforts of people working on ground level emptying the garbage bins whenever they are full. The event of garbage bin getting full is not strictly dependent on a time pattern, instead it sometimes becomes rapidly full or sometimes requires more than normal time to become full. IOT Garbage Monitoring with Weight Sensing paper is an innovative step towards making this process more smooth and efficient. This system monitors the garbage bins and informs about the level of garbage collected in the garbage bins via a web page. For this the system uses ultrasonic sensors placed over the bins to detect the garbage level and compare it with the garbage bins depth. In addition, we also have weight sensors attached below the garbage bins. Thus the system sends over the internet the level of fill of the garbage bins as well as the weight of the fill of the garbage bins. The advantage of this combo sensing is that the garbage bin lifting weight can also be known by the authorities. If the garbage bin is not filled up, but still the weight of fill has reached the limit of what the garbage lifting vehicles can pick up, the vehicles can be immediately driven towards that bin for evacuation.

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