Author : Abhinav Gulati, Pratik Chaudhary, Nikhil Yadav, Tapan Rajput, Tania Gupta, Shailendra Bisariya,

DOI : DOI:10.5072/FK26H4PV9J.2023.05.10.003

When an infected individual coughs or sneezes, the Corona virus (COVID 19) is spread largely by saliva droplets or through the nose. Covid-19 is rapidly growing and poses a threat to humans. Medicine and vaccinations are in short supply. The methodology described has the potential to lower the number of people infected with the virus. Taking everyone's temperature at the same time and determining whether or not they are wearing a mask is tough. Security guards at shopping malls, schools, and other businesses are increasingly scrutinising public temperature readings before allowing them to enter their facilities. To keep a s Automatic detection of the aforementioned features will assist both the government and the general people. The report provided a remedy to the problem. The brochure promotes an automatic hand sanitizer with a temperature-detecting technology that allows users to sanitise their hands at any moment without touching the sanitizer. The temperature of the individual is displayed once this temperature sensor is touched. The door will automatically open if the body temperature is normal; otherwise, it will remain closed. Keep a safe distance from COVID patients and wash your hands frequently to kill the corona virus

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