Author : P. Bhagyasri, CH. Devi, K. Yamini, D. Omkar Sai Prasad, K. Soma SekharaVaraPrasad

Technology is being advanced day by day. As we are tech enthusiasts, we are always keen to learn the updated once. Technology is used to solve many problems in modern world, and introducing new features into the world.Many remote areas are lack at hospitals, as doctors always have minute to minute cases. As doctors are busy at their cases, they are unable to attend or visit the remote areas where there is lack of transportation too. Due to these problems, people from remote areas are suffering from diseases which are known and unknown.This might also spread the unknown diseases to animals and plants too.Our project “Health Analyzer”, predicts the disease from input symptoms said by the patient, predicts the disease with prescribed medicines. We designed this for remote areas, where people unable to visit hospitals in the city and due to lack of transportation too. So, we help them in detecting the disease and prevent it from early stage.

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