Author : G.Balaiah, M.Chandrika, P.Rambabu, B.Chandana, R.Hima bindu

In our country we have government bodies (Municipal Corporation) which are responsible for maintaining and running cities. It’s all their responsibilities to address the complaint of citizens. For this Municipal Corporation has 2 ways, in first cameras or other surveillance devices have to be installed and second way is that citizens could report their problem to the municipal corporation. The second way is mostly used because it is cheaper as compared to first one.GRIEVANCE MONITORING AND ANALYSIS SYSTEM will help officers at Municipal Corporation to solve/reject and analyze complaint with reasons and monitor the status of complaint. The Aim for creating this Application is to simplify the process of lodging complaint to respective Municipal Corporation and make it quick and cheaper.The citizen can easily register his/her grievance to the Municipal Corporation using this system through online. The citizen can himself check the status of the grievance from the system rather going to the MC. He/she may also give suggestions to respective persons of MC through this system. He can also check the status of the suggestion whether it is being taken into consideration or not.

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