GPS Based Self Defence System for Women Safety

Author : MD. Nayeemuddin, D. Vijayasaradhi, S. Divya Sri, K. Ram Surya,K. Tejaswini, J. Mounika

The world is becoming unsafe for women in all aspects. The crime against women is increasing at a higher rate. The employed women are feeling unsafe due to increasing crimes. This paper proposes a quick responding mechanism that helps women during trouble. When someone is going to harass, she can just press the button and the location information is sent as an SMS alert to few pre-defined numbers in terms of latitude and longitude. It is interfaced with a push button, a GPS module, a GSM modem and a LCD Display (16×2). If the switch is pressed, the Arduino take the current location information from the GPS module and send those data to the predefined no. using a GSM modem. The program is developed in ‘C’ language. The purpose of this project is to feel safe the women’s.

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