Ensuring Charity Accountability Through Blockchain Technology

Author : R. Yashwanth Ram Kumar, G. Sri Lakshmi, K. Venkata Siva Sai, V. Rani Keerthana, Md. Mubeena


Blockchain Technology has innumerable benefits such as timestamp, accountability, transparency, high secured, highly scalable. It maintains a distributed and immutable ledgerfor transactions managed by multiple participants. NonProfitorganizations work towards the welfare of society and aim to address various social and environmental causes. NonProfit organizations work towards the welfare of society the organization earns the money as donation and utilized to address various social and environmental issues. Now-a-days we observe that diminishing number of donors because lack of transparency in utilization of funds. A blockchain is used to manage the traceability and safety of the donation. It is a digital ledger system that operates in a decentralized manner, recording transactions among numerous parties in a manner that can be verifiable, immutable, transparent, and secure manner. The proposed paper is a decentralized system which is built on Solana Blockchain using Rust smart contracts, which provides improved accuracy, transparent nature and donors are easily to track the assets and it mainly focuses on conserving of gas fee of blockchain while compared to Ethereum blockchain.

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