E-commerce Chatbot For Price Negotiation Using NLP

Author : M.S.S.N. Shankar ,Dr. G.D.K. Kishore , N.L.N.C. Anudeep , R. Bhavya , R. Siva Sankar


Price Negotiating Chatbot with text and voice functions is available in this article. The setting is an e-commerce platform. The chatbot makes easy and effective negotiations possible for consumers and the platform by understanding voice commands and providing clear pricing information. Voice or text interactions allow users to participate in conversations, providing flexibility and simplicity. The platform provides a well-organized user experience from product browsing to purchase confirmation, increasing user engagement and delight. Adding order management and sentiment analysis functionality boosts the platform's value. Chatbots have greatly improved user experiences and transactional procedures in e-commerce. This is a great innovation and improvement.

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