Covid-19 Symptoms Prediction Using Chatbot (Machine Learning)

Author : G.Balaiah S.Yagnya Deepika,P.Sri Krishna Chaitanya,S.Sai Teja,K.Hari Narayana

Machine Learning techniques have been used to predict whether patients are infected by the virus based on symptoms defined by WHO and CDC. Machine Learning is also used to diagnose the disease based on x-ray images. For instance, chest images of patients can be used to detect whether a patient is infected with COVID-19. Covid 19 symptoms prediction using machine learning through chatbot is the project implemented. Basically the chatbot considered works under the technique called Natural Language Processing (NLP).Natural Language Processing is the field in Artificial Intelligence which helps to understand the human language by the chatbot. The chatbot created in the project is using Amazon Alexa. This does not any training data sets, as the bots has the datasets itself

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