Author : Ch. Upendar Rao, M.Deva Sandeep, K.Harsha Vardhan, Dasi Joseph, V.Bhavya Laxmi


One of the main concerns in cloud computing is how to effectively manage access controls for data using cryptography. While challenging, cryptographic methods are an appealing solution that both individuals and businesses want to adopt. To address this issue, a potential solution called CryptSecure has been proposed in this study. The primary goal of CryptSecure is to enable dynamic access control through cryptography. To revoke access permissions, the encrypted data in the cloud is modified as directed by CryptSecure. This technique involves a symmetric code system consisting of file codes and revocation codes. When a revocation occurs and an authorized entity uploads a new revocation code to the cloud, the file is encrypted with an additional layer of security. This triggers a corresponding adjustment in the encrypted code system. To reduce encryption layers and keys, CryptSecure uses three key techniques that address scalability concerns. This enables efficient dynamic access control without needing resource-intensive data transmission or decryption. Authorization to access can also be withdrawn quickly. The formal implementation of the system demonstrates CryptSecure's security and effectiveness in enabling efficient and secure dynamic access control for cloud-hosted data. This approach has proven invaluable for individuals and organizations to ensure remote data is accessible smoothly and securely.

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