Blockchain Based Land Registration System

Author : Dr. K. P N V SATYA SREE , T. Teja Sri, K. Bhaskar Sai Varma, A. Mahesh , P. Anil

In the real-estate field, it is very important for the land to have accurate records which identifies the current owner and as much of the ownership history as possible, which is not been perfectly existing in the current world. As land registration involves number of intermediaries to trust the system, a centralized one which is volatile and mostly tracking of the ownerships is highly tricky and leads to court battles. Rather, what if we have a system which could handle the property registrations and title transfer process? “Blockchain Technology using Smart contracts “ Using a Programmable Blockchain, Ethereum, developing a Land registration system which could handle the land registrations and title transfer process having real time track of previous ownerships of the land as well as immutable land insights.

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