Author : Ch. Upendar Rao, A.Tejaswini, G.Surya, K.Pooja, Y.Nikhil


This project focus on effectively exploring and analysing the integration of Business Intelligence systems using a Cloud environment. Business Intelligence is a computer technology that helps in identification, obtaining, and analysing the business data. In spite of its shortcomings, Business Intelligence has been able to create fast data that could take a long time to analyse , making it an best tool for analysing trends and making business decisions easily . Integration of business intelligence with cloud computing has made it easier to recognise trends through the data more effectively. The data sets are being cleaned to get more accurate trends and to study fluctuations in the data . and now we train various algorithms to make the predictions on the data. Mainly two algorithms are being used Decision tree and random forest Then we compare tem with the root mean square errors and check which algorithm is more precise.

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