Author : Ch. Upendar Rao, Manthri Karthik, Manepally Datta Vinay, Datharu Bhargavi, Vemuri Kavya


The integration of blockchain technology with web browsers holds great potential for revolutionizing future web. This project aims to explore the feasibility and benefits ofintegrating blockchain technology into web browsers, with a focus on its potential applications and the challenges that need to be addressed. The project begins by providing an overview of blockchain technology and its fundamental principles, highlighting its decentralized nature, immutability, and cryptographic security. It then explores the existing landscape of web browsers and their limitations in terms of privacy, security, and trust. By integrating blockchain technology, web browsers canleverage its decentralized consensus mechanism to establish trust among users and eliminate the need for intermediaries. The project involves the development of a proof-ofconcept implementation. where a blockchain-based Web Application is created to showcase the potential functionalities and benefits of integrating blockchain with browsing. The extension enables secure and transparent online transactions, identity verification, and smart contract execution directly within the browser environment. The results of this project demonstrate the potential of integrating blockchain technology with webbrowsers to enhance online security, privacy,and trust.

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