Author : Bikki Supriya, Dasari Sai Prem Charan, Gade Gopi Reddy, Mohammed Arshad

A chatbot is emerged as an effective tool to address the user queries in automated, most appropriate and accurate way. Depending upon the complexity of the subject domain, researchers are employing variety of soft-computing techniques to make the chatbot user friendly. It is observed that chatbots have flooded the globe with wide range of services including ordering foods, suggesting products, advising for insurance policies, providing customer support, giving financial assistance, schedule meetings etc. However, public administration-based services wherein chatbot intervention influence the most, is not explored yet. This project discuses about artificial intelligence based chatbots including their applications, challenges, architecture and models. It also talks about evolution of chatbots starting from Turing Test and Rule-based chatbots to advanced Artificial Intelligence based Chatbots. AI-Chatbots are providing much kind of services, which this project outlines into two main aspects including customer based services and public administration based services. The purpose of this survey is to understand and explore the possibility of customer & public administration services based chatbot. The survey demonstrates that there exists an immense potential in the AI assisted chatbot system for providing customer services and providing better governance in public administration services. And even among the AI assisted chatbots conversational interfaces have been a trending topic in recent years. As of the last decade, CIs have emerged with the aim of simplifying human-machine interactions and found a wide use case in the market. For example, Siri and Google Assistant are some of the most well-known CIs developed by the tech giants Apple and Google. The digital landscape has evolved from web, to mobile apps, to recently CIs. Nowadays, CIs, in particular chatbots and voicebots, are becoming increasingly common. Whether navigating the web or messaging on a phone, it is likely that CIs have been confronted offering the user help. However, CIs have not managed to reach a large-scale use. Furthermore, the reasons regarding the challenges faced by CIs as well as their usability are not greatly explored. Here in our project we combine the features of an AI chatbot with the conversational interface to provide services to people in public and customer based services.

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