Author : M.Samba Siva Rao, K.Srujana, N.Srihari, G.Amulya, V.Rajesh

Research on Medical Image proposes an efficient platform for automatic analysis and detection of any Deformations in a given medical image data set especially in Spinal Cord for an effective and better understanding of diagnosis. The abnormality of the spinal cord may include Tumor,Disc a hernia, Fracture, swelling etc., which has been detected from any given modality of Medical images such as MRI, CT, and fMRI etc. In this work, Automated Decision support system is introduced for fast and accurate analysis which will help to confirm the existence of abnormality of the Spinal Cord MR image. Lower back pain can be caused by many complications with any parts of the body in the lumbar spine. The compilation of a medical diagnosis is crucial to the medical practitioners in order for them to give a convenient treatment for the low back solve this problem, we like to give a solution by finding the abnormality in Lumbar spine. ABNORMALITY FEATURE EXTRACTION IN SPINAL CORD MRI helps the patients or end users to find the abnormality in the spinal cord which can save the time for the doctors and also the end users.

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