A study of negotiation styles between family managed business owners from Canadian and Indian cultural backgrounds

Author : Samish Dalal, Prof. Muktak Vyas

from different nations, cultures, languages, and backgrounds are now communicating, meeting, and doing business with one another more than ever before, thanks to technological advancements and the development of a global economy. Few businesses can avoid dealing with foreign colleagues, clients, or customers at some point. Business is global, and if a company wants to develop and grow, it must capitalize on the opportunities that the global stage provides. Negotiations are an everyday occurrence in international business. The parties involved in a negotiation face various challenges in reaching a successful conclusion. When the parties involved come from different cultural backgrounds, the problems they face become more complex. Many experts have drawn comparisons between the West (Canada) and the East (India) because distinct differences exist in the two types of cultures and are the underlying reasons why negotiation styles differ between Canadian and Indian family managed business people.

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